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Birds of Trinidad and Tobago

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Der Inselstaat Trinidad und Tobago (kurz TnT) hatte bis vor wenigen Tausend Jahren eine Landverbindung mit dem Kontinent Südamerika. Dementsprechend ist die Vogelwelt hier hauptsächlich von diesem Kontinent geprägt und nicht von der Karibik. Die Lage nahe dem südamerikanischen Kontinent und die Vielfalt der Habitate hat eine hohe Avidiversität zur Folge. Da auch einige Vogelarten mit sehr kleinen Verbreitungsgebieten vorkommen, sind sowohl Trinidad als auch Tobago sind je von BirdLife International als Secondary Endemic Bird Area (EBA-S) anerkannt worden. Although it is possible to go birdwatching during any month of the year, the best time for temperate-climate birders to visit TnT is January to March, the driest time of the year.

This E-book bird guide for "Trinidad and Tobago" has been built at 17.02.2020, based upon our data base and our image archive using our default settings, and saved in two formates. Thereby it is made sure that the e-book can be displayed on virtually all devices and if applicable be printed out with a compact page size.
A free online-preview to the main section of the bird guide to Trinidad and Tobago - of course at today's state of the data base and the archive - is available at Bird guides customized. There you can not only obtain the current edition of "Birds of Trinidad and Tobago", but also modify the form in many ways.
Cover image Scarlet Ibis, Photo: W.J.Daunicht

Primary language English, secondary languages German, French, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese.
All 415 species are illustrated. The assessment of the global conservation status of bird species uses the criteria of the Red List (IUCN) 2012.
The scientific system follows Clements et al. 2017.
An index, a name register in English and a scientific name register, all completely linked.
PDF E-book in page-based format A5: 135 pages, 21.48 MiB.
ePub E-book in flowable format for all devices with ePub reader: 19.63 MiB.
A former edition of this e-book is available in bookshops (ISBN: 9783739464145).
Also you can obtain a Kindle edition at Amazon (ASIN: B07WSBRMGR).
© Wolfgang J. Daunicht 2020

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