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Bird of the day: Wednesday 24 July, 2024
Photo W.J.Daunicht 
Black Stork
AVITOPIA displays a bird image for you, each day a different one. This way you can get to know the beauty and diversity of the birds worldwide - just by having a look at our website every day.
We recommend to create a bookmark in your browser for the bird of the day :-) and you can start the day with a smile.

Focus geography


Call 1-click world map
The easiest way to get a bird guide from us is to call our 1-click-world-map. You only have to click once on a location of your interest and get immediately a bird guide for exactly this site.
You can study it without charge and obligation in the preview. If you like it, you can download it for a small price within minutes as a comfortable e-book (PDF or ePub).

Bird Guides for an Arbitrary Geoposition

To the best of our knowledge AVITOPIA is the only publisher of e-books that refer directly to geopositions anywhere on earth. You only need to enter the geographical coordinates (e.g. GPS) of the location of your interest. They may point to your current or previous home town or to a vacation destination where you want to go for something interesting. Or you want to make a unique gift to someone very special.
Please, enter the coordinates as decimal numbers including sign (i.e. minus for S and W).
°   °  

Bird Guides for Areas

Or try our search for area names. This way you can obtain very simply bird guide e-books for many interesting areas of the earth. If the name is not found with us, we recommend to determine the geographical coordinates with www.geonames.org. If you are successful, you may copy latitude and longitude (incl. °) instead of the name.

Bird Guides for each Country on Earth

Of course, on our portal you can get an e-book bird guide for each country of the world. It will be based on a recent status of our data base and image archive. On this site you receive the e-books in PDF or ePub format, but for many countries they are available at Kindel (Amazon) in mobi format.
  Go: Bird Guides for each Country on Earth

Bird Guides for Islands and Archipelagos

Islands are the quintessence of wanderlust and traveling. And in many cases they have a birdlife, as you cannot find anywhere else. When you lave an island or at least its birdlife, an eBook from us may be among those few books you would like to take with you to some lonely island. After all, you can read e-books without an Internet connection.
  Go: Bird Guides for Islands and Archipelagos


If you are willing to refrain from illustrations, you can customize your checklist similarly to our bird guides. Not only the locality, but also languages and other attributes can be determined in a flexible manner. If you choose PDF as output format, the checkboxes are clickable (at least in Acrobat Reader). The previous status can be overwritten anytime. Thus you can keep a personal checklist without a pen over a longer period of time.
For you to try how the digital checklist works we offer you a free example .
To our customers who want to keep their complete lifelist digitally we recommend the Checklist of the Birds of Planet Earth .
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National Birds

In many countries and even provinces birds have been elected to symbolize the country or province - just like a flag.
In some cases, e.g. India, according to the constitution the states are not allowed to have flags. Then the national birds in a way even replace flags. We show you the national birds of the earth - also those of the Indian states.
  Go: National Birds

Focus ornithology

Customized Bird Guides

AVITOPIA offers you the full control over the search profile. With a few mouse clicks you can choose a secondary language from German, English, French, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese. You may determine the content and the extent of illustration, define a taxonomic restriction, search for special plumages and activities and much more. Perhaps you want to search for certain image authors, e.g. if you contributed to the image archive yourself.
If you opt for an e-book, you may select one of several formats (PDF or ePub). If you want to get a real book by "print-on-demand" or produce it yourself on your home printer, we recommend one of our PDF-formats. For reading on small screens the flexible ePub-format is more suitable.
The input of a dedication makes such an e-book a very personal gift.
And it is easier than it seems.
  Go: Customize your bird guide

Videos and Audios

Video W.J.Daunicht 
Natal Spurfowl
We introduce more than 500 bird species additionally in short HD-videos. If applicable, these have a sound track with the bird voice. The videos and audios can be watched in our channel on YouTube. Our e-book bird guides (PDF and ePub) are fitted with links to our media.
  Go: Videos and Audios
  Go: Audios


Photo W.J.Daunicht 
Great Crested Grebe
It is always fascinating to study the faces of birds. Often eyes and bill are very characteristic, but sometimes it is possible thereby to identify a bird species in way, that can hardly be put into words.
  Go: Portraits


Drawing unknown 
Black Grouse
With us you can restrict your search to eggs. That may be interesting, if you want to learn more about the functioning of breeding parasitism.
  Go: Eggs


Photo W.J.Daunicht 
Red-billed Tropicbird
It is amazing that nests of different species can be so distinct. With us you can get to know the various forms.
  Go: Nests

Selection of a Family


The subdivision of the system of the birds into families is an important tool, to study the world of birds stepwise. It also helps with the identification of bird species.
Or you may want to upload an e-book (PDF or ePub) of your favourite bird family, e.g. Hummingbirds or Birds of Paradise, to your smartphone.


Search for Bird Species by Name

If you like to get to know a certain bird species, you may enter a part of the species name here. This function is also capable of translations: you may choose one of 5 secondary languages in the preview. And you can check your translation referring to the latin name and an image of the bird.


Photo W.J.Daunicht 
Evolution has resulted in bird species adapting to various habitats. We show you a range of habitats that can be as different as desert and rainforest. But the airspace can also be a habitat, because swifts often don't leave it for many days.
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Extinct Species

Drawing J.G.Keulemans 
Chatham Islands Rail
Because of bird hunting and destruction of biotopes bird species continue to become extinct. Our portal fights for the avidiversity of our planet. We try to keep the awareness up, how many birds are endangered or have already gone away. Therefore we show you images of extinct birds, too.
  Go: Extinct Species

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