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 Avidiversity  AVITOPIA - Cassowaries and Emus

Scientific system: Clements et al.

Familia: Casuariidae

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The species of the family of Cassowaries and Emus are divided into two subfamilies; all occur in Australia, New Guinea, and some surrounding islands. Because of their different looks, they were often seen as different families in the past. They are up to 1.8 m tall. The feet have three toes pointing forward. The inner toe is fitted with a sharp claw up to 12.5 cm long that the bird can use for attacks. The wings are very short or vestigial. The plumage is coarse and bristly. The habitat of the Cassowaries is the tropical forest, that of the Emus the tree savannah. All species are very good runners and can swim too. Their diet consists mainly of plants, as well as insects. The nest is flat and is placed on the ground. The clutch can contain up to 20 eggs, which are only incubated by the male. The chicks are nidifugous, but are cared for by the male for up to 18 months.


     casuarius - Southern Cassowary (10)
     bennetti - Dwarf Cassowary (6)
     unappendiculatus - Northern Cassowary (7)


     novaehollandiae - Emu (16)

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