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 Avidiversity  AVITOPIA - Todis

Scientific system: Clements et al.

Familia: Todidae

You can get "Checklist of the Todis of Planet Earth" as an e-book here.

The family of Todies contains only 5 species, all of which live in the Greater Antilles or the adjacent small islands. The tiny birds range in length from 10 cm to 11.5 cm. They have long flattened beaks with serrated edges. Their preferred habitat is the undergrowth in the forest. They eat small invertebrates, but also small lizards, which they hunt from a perch. The nest lies in a chamber at the end of a tunnel up to 60 cm long, which they dig up a steep banks or into a rotten tree trunk. Both parents take care of the altricial nestlings, which they feed up to 140 times a day, the highest rate among birds.


     multicolor - Cuban Tody (6)
     subulatus - Broad-billed Tody (7)
     angustirostris - Narrow-billed Tody (3)
     todus - Jamaican Tody (7)
     mexicanus - Puerto Rican Tody (4)

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