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 Avidiversity  AVITOPIA - Motmots

Scientific system: Clements et al.

Familia: Momotidae

You can get "Checklist of the Motmots of Planet Earth" as an e-book here.

The family of Motmots is found in the tropics of America. The height of motmots is between 17 cm and 50 cm, with the tail often accounting for more than half of the length. In some species, the tail is racket-shaped, which is partly due to a weakness of the feather barbs in the corresponding places on the tail.. The beak is long, wide, curved downwards and mostly serrate. The plumage often has bright blue or green iridescent areas. They inhabit forests and live individually. They often sit on a branch for a long time, wagging their tail. Suddenly they pounce from the perch on the prey and carry it back to the perch in order to beat it against a branch there before eating it.There is evidence that motmots also eat poison dart frogs. But Motmots also eat fruit. The pair digs a tunnel for the brood or uses a natural cave where the brood chamber can be up to 4 m deep. The 3 to 4 eggs laid on the bare ground are hatched by both partners. The chicks are blind and naked and are fed and warmed by both parents.


     momotula - Tody Motmot (4)


     gularis - Blue-throated Motmot (2)


     mexicanus - Russet-crowned Motmot (3)
     coeruliceps - Blue-capped Motmot (1)
     lessonii - Lesson's Motmot (2)
     subrufescens - Whooping Motmot (1)
     bahamensis - Trinidad Motmot (5)
     momota - Amazonian Motmot (4)
     aequatorialis - Highland Motmot (2)


     martii - Rufous Motmot (3)
     ruficapillus - Rufous-capped Motmot (3)


     carinatum - Keel-billed Motmot (3)
     platyrhynchum - Broad-billed Motmot (2)


     superciliosa - Turquoise-browed Motmot (10)

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