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 Avidiversity  AVITOPIA - Orioles

Scientific system: Howard et al.

Familia: Oriolidae

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The family of Orioles is widespread across all continents of the Old World, with an emphasis on the tropics. Some of the species are migratory birds. They have long wings and a moderately long tail. The body size ranges from 18 cm to 30 cm. The plumage has strong colors, often yellow and black. The sexes are usually different. Some species in New Guinea belonging to the Pitohuis are able to store the poisonous alkaloid batrachotoxin in their plumage and skin in order to defend themselves against parasites and/or predators. Most species build their nests as a hanging bowl high in a tree top.


     viridis - Green Figbird
     hypoleucus - Wetar Figbird
     vieilloti - Australasian Figbird (11)


     szalayi - Brown Oriole (1)
     phaeochromus - Dusky-brown Oriole
     forsteni - Grey-collared Oriole (1)
     bouroensis - Black-eared Oriole (1)
     melanotis - Olive-brown Oriole (3)
     sagittatus - Olive-backed Oriole (2)
     flavocinctus - Green Oriole (7)
     xanthonotus - Dark-throated Oriole (3)
     steerii - Philippine Oriole (2)
     isabellae - Isabella Oriole
     oriolus - Eurasian Golden Oriole (14)
     auratus - African Golden Oriole (1)
     tenuirostris - Slender-billed Oriole (1)
     chinensis - Black-naped Oriole (7)
     chlorocephalus - Green-headed Oriole (1)
     crassirostris - Sao Tome Oriole (1)
     brachyrhynchus - Western Oriole (2)
     monacha - Ethiopian Oriole (1)
     percivali - Mountain Oriole (1)
     larvatus - Black-headed Oriole (3)
     nigripennis - Black-winged Oriole (1)
     xanthornus - Black-hooded Oriole (1)
     hosii - Black Oriole (1)
     cruentus - Black-and-crimson Oriole (2)
     traillii - Maroon Oriole (2)
     mellianus - Silver Oriole (1)

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