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 Avidiversity  AVITOPIA - Birds of Paradise

Scientific system: Howard et al.

Familia: Paradisaeidae

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The family of Birds-of-Paradise is endemic to New Guinea, northeast Australia, the neighboring islands, and the Moluccas. Their length ranges from 14 cm to 44 cm, including the elongated tail feathers, they reach 110 cm. They have short round wings and strong legs and feet. The plumage is glossy black in some species, in some splendidly colored with striking decorative feathers. The habitat are tropical forests. Birds-of-Paradise are tree dwellers, but only moderate fliers. They feed mainly on fruits, but there are also some species that are pronounced insectivores. Birds-of-Paradise are able to manipulate fruit with one foot. Often they prefer a small selection of plants in their diet. Most species are polygynous and courtship is often spectacular and often takes place in groups. The cup-shaped nests are built almost exclusively by females. The eggs and the offspring are also largely incubated and reared by females.


     pyrrhopterus - Paradise-crow (4)


     ater - Glossy-mantled Manucode (2)
     jobiensis - Jobi Manucode
     chalybatus - Crinkle-collared Manucode (2)
     comrii - Curl-crested Manucode (3)


     keraudrenii - Trumpet Manucode (5)


     carunculata - Long-tailed Paradigalla (4)
     brevicauda - Short-tailed Paradigalla (3)


     nigra - Arfak Astrapia (4)
     splendidissima - Splendid Astrapia (5)
     mayeri - Ribbon-tailed Astrapia (4)
     stephaniae - Princess Stephanie's Astrapia (3)
     rothschildi - Huon Astrapia (3)


     sefilata - Western Parotia (4)
     carolae - Carola's Parotia (5)
     lawesii - Lawes's Parotia (4)
     helenae - Eastern Parotia
     wahnesi - Wahnes's Parotia (4)


     alberti - King of Saxony Bird-of-Paradise (4)


     superba - Superb Bird-of-paradise (14)


     paradiseus - Paradise Riflebird (5)
     victoriae - Victoria's Riflebird (5)
     magnificus - Magnificent Riflebird (7)
     intercedens - Growling Riflebird (1)


     fastuosus - Black Sicklebill (4)
     meyeri - Brown Sicklebill (7)


     albertisi - Black-billed Sicklebill (9)
     bruijnii - Pale-billed Sicklebill (2)


     magnificus - Magnificent Bird-of-paradise (8)
     respublica - Wilson's Bird-of-paradise (7)


     regius - King Bird-of-paradise (5)


     wallacii - Standardwing (5)


     melanoleucus - Twelve-wired Bird-of-Paradise (8)


     apoda - Greater Bird-of-paradise (5)
     raggiana - Raggiana Bird-of-paradise (7)
     minor - Lesser Bird-of-paradise (10)
     decora - Goldie's Bird-of-paradise (4)
     rubra - Red Bird-of-paradise (4)
     guilielmi - Emperor Bird-of-paradise (4)
     rudolphi - Blue Bird-of-paradise (5)

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