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 Avidiversity  AVITOPIA - Puffbirds

Scientific system: Clements et al.

Familia: Bucconidae

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The family of Puffbirds is endemic to the tropics of the Americas from southern Mexico to Paraguay. The stocky built birds have a body length of 14 cm to 32 cm. The beak is strong, the feet, like the woodpeckers, have two toes pointing forward and two toes pointing back. Their closest relatives are the Jacamars. Their habitat is the forest. They are solitary and arborial, they often sit motionless on a branch for long periods of time and search their surroundings with their excellent eyesight. Then they suddenly fly up from their perch to catch insects in flight or on the ground. The prey is hit against a branch before it is swallowed. The pair digs a tunnel up to 1.5 m long in the ground or a termite mound for the brood. The 2 to 3 shiny, white eggs are incubated by both parents, the young hatch naked and blind. Nest hygiene does not take place.


     hyperrhynchus - White-necked Puffbird (3)
     macrorhynchos - Guianan Puffbird (1)
     swainsoni - Buff-bellied Puffbird (2)
     pectoralis - Black-breasted Puffbird (2)
     ordii - Brown-banded Puffbird (1)
     tectus - Pied Puffbird (4)


     macrodactylus - Chestnut-capped Puffbird (1)
     tamatia - Spotted Puffbird (4)
     noanamae - Sooty-capped Puffbird (1)
     capensis - Collared Puffbird (2)


     radiatus - Barred Puffbird (2)
     obamai - Western Striolated-Puffbird (1)
     striolatus - Striolated Puffbird (1)
     chacuru - White-eared Puffbird (2)
     maculatus - Caatinga Puffbird (2)


     ruficollis - Russet-throated Puffbird (7)


     fusca - White-chested Puffbird (1)
     semicincta - Semicollared Puffbird (1)
     striata - Crescent-chested Puffbird (2)
     rufa - Rufous-necked Puffbird (2)
     panamensis - White-whiskered Puffbird (2)
     fulvogularis - Black-streaked Puffbird (1)
     mystacalis - Moustached Puffbird (1)


     lanceolata - Lanceolated Monklet (4)


     rubecula - Rusty-breasted Nunlet (1)
     sclateri - Fulvous-chinned Nunlet (1)
     brunnea - Brown Nunlet (2)
     frontalis - Grey-cheeked Nunlet (1)
     ruficapilla - Rufous-capped Nunlet (2)
     amaurocephala - Chestnut-headed Nunlet (1)


     castanea - White-faced Nunbird (2)


     atra - Black Nunbird (1)
     nigrifrons - Black-fronted Nunbird (3)
     morphoeus - White-fronted Nunbird (1)
     flavirostris - Yellow-billed Nunbird (1)


     tenebrosa - Swallow-winged Puffbird (3)

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