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 Avidiversity  AVITOPIA - Broadbills

Scientific system: Clements et al.

Familia: Eurylaimidae

You can get "Checklist of the Broadbills of Planet Earth" as an e-book here.

The family of Broadbills occurs in Southeast Asia from the eastern Himalayas to the Philippines. The body length ranges from 13 cm to 28 cm. They have broad heads, large eyes, and flat broad bills. Their habitat is the dense canopies of rainforests. They are insectivores and carnivores. The pear-shaped nests often hang above water on branches or vines.


     macrorhynchos - Black-and-red Broadbill (5)


     dalhousiae - Long-tailed Broadbill (6)


     lunatus - Silver-breasted Broadbill (4)


     javanicus - Banded Broadbill (5)
     ochromalus - Black-and-yellow Broadbill (2)
     steerii - Wattled Broadbill (5)
     samarensis - Visayan Broadbill (2)


     sumatranus - Dusky Broadbill (3)


     graueri - Grauer's Broadbill (2)

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