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 Avidiversity  AVITOPIA - Bower Birds

Scientific system: Clements et al.

Familia: Ptilonorhynchidae

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The family of Bowerbirds is restricted to Australia, New Guinea, and neighboring islands. Their body length ranges from 22 cm to 40 cm. Most species have ornamental feathers, a hood or a collar. Their habitat is diverse and ranges from the rainforest to the shrubland. Their diet consists largely of fruits and berries, supplemented by a few insects that they look for on the ground. Bowerbirds are known for the fact that the males build an 'bower' for courtship, which, depending on the species, can also take the form of an arena or a garden. This bower is often decorated in a striking way. The nest, however, is created by the female alone. She alone takes care of the incubation and rearing of the young. Bowerbirds have the highest longevity of all songbirds and can live well over 20 years.


     buccoides - White-eared Catbird (3)
     stonii - Ochre-breasted Catbird (1)
     geislerorum - Tan-capped Catbird (2)
     maculosus - Spotted Catbird (2)
     astigmaticus - Huon Catbird (1)
     melanocephalus - Black-capped Catbird (1)
     jobiensis - Northern Catbird (1)
     arfakianus - Arfak Catbird (1)
     melanotis - Black-eared Catbird (1)
     crassirostris - Green Catbird (5)


     dentirostris - Tooth-billed Bowerbird (3)


     papuensis - Archbold's Bowerbird (2)


     inornata - Vogelkop Bowerbird (3)
     macgregoriae - Macgregor's Bowerbird (2)
     subalaris - Streaked Bowerbird (3)
     flavifrons - Golden-fronted Bowerbird (2)
     newtoniana - Golden Bowerbird (5)


     aureus - Masked Bowerbird (4)
     bakeri - Fire-maned Bowerbird (1)
     chrysocephalus - Regent Bowerbird (8)


     violaceus - Satin Bowerbird (8)


     guttata - Western Bowerbird (2)
     maculata - Spotted Bowerbird (3)
     nuchalis - Great Bowerbird (9)
     lauterbachi - Yellow-breasted Bowerbird (1)
     cerviniventris - Fawn-breasted Bowerbird (2)

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