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 Avidiversity  AVITOPIA - Bristlebirds

Scientific system: Clements et al.

Familia: Dasyornithidae

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The three species of the family of Bristlebirds are endemic to the coasts of South Australia. Their length is between 17 cm and 25 cm. They have relatively long tails, which are often cocked, stiff rictal bristles at the base of the bill, and dull brown plumage with various pale patterns. DNA studies have led to these species being given families of their own. Their habitat is coastal heathland with dense vegetation. As terrestrial birds with poor flight skills, they feed on invertebrates and seeds, surprisingly without scratching with their feet. They defend a territory during the breeding season. The nests are created in low, dense vegetation. These are large and domed with a side entrance near the top. The clutch is almost always two eggs. Little is known for certain about breeding biology. The voice is loud, melodic and far-carrying, so that Lackvögel can be heard much more often than seen.


     longirostris - Western Bristlebird (1)
     brachypterus - Eastern Bristlebird (2)
     broadbenti - Rufous Bristlebird (6)

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