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 Avidiversity  AVITOPIA - Woodswallows

Scientific system: Clements et al.

Familia: Artamidae

You can get "Checklist of the Woodswallows of Planet Earth" as an e-book here.

The family of Woodswallows occurs from India and Australia to the Fiji Islands. The body size ranges from 15 cm to 20 cm. They are persistent fliers and, besides the ravens, the only songbirds that can sail for a long time. Their habitat are open landscapes and light forests. They live on insects, which they catch like swallows or like flycatchers from a perch. Starlings are gregarious and aggressive and also attack larger birds. Their nests are flat cup-shaped and are built in a tree or bush, occasionally they nest in colonies. The clutch consists of 2 to 4 eggs, which both parents take care of.


     fuscus - Ashy Woodswallow (1)
     mentalis - Fiji Woodswallow (3)
     monachus - Ivory-backed Woodswallow (1)
     maximus - Great Woodswallow (3)
     leucorynchus - White-breasted Woodswallow (7)
     insignis - White-backed Woodswallow (2)
     personatus - Masked Woodswallow (6)
     superciliosus - White-browed Woodswallow (4)
     cinereus - Black-faced Woodswallow (1)
     cyanopterus - Dusky Woodswallow (1)
     minor - Little Woodswallow (1)

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