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 Avidiversity  AVITOPIA - Butcherbirds

Scientific system: Clements et al.

Familia: Cracticidae

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The family of Butcherbirds is native to Australia, New Guinea and neighboring islands. The body size ranges from 25 cm to 38 cm. They are strongly built, the large, powerful beak is curved at the tip. Their habitat is diverse and ranges from tropical rainforests to dry bushes. They are aggressive and defend their territory. They eat small animals up to the size of reptiles, as well as fruits and seeds. Some species impale leftover food on thorns. The nest is a large bowl made of twigs that is padded with finer plant material, usually placed high in a tree. The 3 to 5 eggs are incubated almost exclusively by the female. Both parents feed the young who stay with the adults for over a year.


     montanus - Tinkling Shieldbill (1)
     blainvillii - Clicking Shieldbill (2)


     mentalis - Black-backed Butcherbird (3)
     torquatus - Grey Butcherbird (7)
     argenteus - Silver-backed Butcherbird (1)
     cassicus - Hooded Butcherbird (1)
     louisiadensis - Tagula Butcherbird (1)
     nigrogularis - Pied Butcherbird (3)
     quoyi - Black Butcherbird (6)


     tibicen - Australian Magpie (12)


     graculina - Pied Currawong (5)
     fuliginosa - Black Currawong (2)
     versicolor - Grey Currawong (2)

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