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 Avidiversity  AVITOPIA - Ioras

Scientific system: Clements et al.

Familia: Aegithinidae

You can get "Checklist of the Ioras of Planet Earth" as an e-book here.

The four species of the family of Ioras are restricted to southern Asia from India to Borneo. The body length ranges from 11.5 cm to 15.5 cm. A special feature are the long, soft feathers on the flanks, which can be erected and are used for courtship and breeding. Their habitat varies greatly and only excludes extremes. They are hightly arborial and usually occur in the tree canopy. They live on fruits and seeds, but insects also play an important role in nutrition. As far as is known, their courtship is quite elaborate. All species build open, cup-shaped nests at least 2 m above ground and lay 2 to 3 eggs. The chicks are altricial.


     tiphia - Common Iora (8)
     nigrolutea - Marshall's Iora (2)
     viridissima - Green Iora (4)
     lafresnayei - Great Iora (2)

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