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 Avidiversity  AVITOPIA - African Warblers

Scientific system: Clements et al.

Familia: Macrosphenidae

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The family of African Warblers is a recently established family of songbirds. The species used to be assigned to the Old World Warblers or the Babblers. African Warblers live in a variety of habitats south of the Sahara, ranging from arid scrubland to primary rainforest. Their body length ranges from 8 cm to 23 cm. Some species have extremely short tails that barely extend beyond the tail coverts, while others have long graduated tails. They are insectivores and, depending on the species, prefer to hunt on the ground, in bushes or in canopies. As far as is known, they are monogamous and territorial. Their nests are of various types and can be pocket-shaped nests suspended from branch or cup-shaped nests set up in the vegetation.


     virens - Green Crombec (3)
     denti - Lemon-bellied Crombec (1)
     leucophrys - White-browed Crombec (1)
     brachyura - Northern Crombec (1)
     philippae - Philippa's Crombec (1)
     ruficapilla - Red-capped Crombec (1)
     whytii - Red-faced Crombec (1)
     isabellina - Somali Crombec (1)
     rufescens - Long-billed Crombec (2)


     pycnopygius - Rockrunner (3)


     mentalis - Moustached Grass Warbler (2)


     afer - Cape Grassbird (4)


     victorini - Victorin's Warbler (2)


     kempi - Kemp's Longbill (2)
     flavicans - Yellow Longbill (1)
     concolor - Grey Longbill (1)
     pulitzeri - Pulitzer's Longbill (1)
     kretschmeri - Kretschmer's Longbill (1)


     vittata - Grauer's Warbler (2)


     prasina - Green Hylia (1)


     rushiae - Tit-hylia (3)

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