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 Avidiversity  AVITOPIA - Bustards

Scientific system: Clements et al.

Familia: Otididae

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The family of Bustards occurs in Africa, Eurasia and Australia. The height of the birds ranges from 38 cm to 130 cm. They have long broad wings, long strong legs with three short toes and a long neck. The beak is short, strong and flattened. Their habitat are free plains. They fly well, but are downright ground birds. All species are omnivorous. In courtship, the throat pouch serves to amplify the voice. The nest is an unpadded recess in the ground in which 1 to 5 eggs are laid. The young birds flee the nest.


     tarda - Great Bustard (12)


     arabs - Arabian Bustard (4)
     kori - Kori Bustard (8)
     nigriceps - Great Indian Bustard (4)
     australis - Australian Bustard (4)


     undulata - Houbara Bustard (4)
     macqueenii - Macqueen's Bustard (6)


     ludwigii - Ludwig's Bustard (5)
     denhami - Denham's Bustard (6)
     heuglinii - Heuglin's Bustard (1)
     nuba - Nubian Bustard (2)


     senegalensis - White-bellied Bustard (9)
     caerulescens - Blue Korhaan (2)
     vigorsii - Karoo Korhaan (4)
     rueppelii - Rüppell's Korhaan (1)
     humilis - Little Brown Bustard (1)
     savilei - Savile's Bustard (1)
     gindiana - Buff-crested Bustard (1)
     ruficrista - Red-crested Korhaan (7)
     afra - Southern Black Korhaan (3)
     afraoides - Northern Black Korhaan (6)


     melanogaster - Black-bellied Bustard (4)
     hartlaubii - Hartlaub's Bustard (5)


     bengalensis - Bengal Florican (3)


     indicus - Lesser Florican (5)


     tetrax - Little Bustard (9)

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