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Contributions to our image archive are always welcome.

1. This does not only apply to further species, but also further plumages or activities. AVITOPIA intends to document different aspects of each species by several images. At launch date the average was 2 images per species

2. In case you would like to submit a nice photo, but you are unsure about the identification of the bird`s species, just try it. Even if your picture is not accepted, you will receive an expert's information regarding the bird depicted (without warranty and obligation). This service is currently free of charge.

3. a. If you have produced an image (photo or drawing) that may augment our image archive, you can submit it to AVITOPIA, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang J. Daunicht via email. If it is accepted, it will be included in the data base. Upon requests it will be published in the internet together with the name of the author while all rights are reserved. The customer is allowed to include this picture into an E-book customized by him/her.
b. For each image some information is required. Please use the simple text form as an attachment to your email.
c. Currently the format of publication is 300x225 pixel. Of course, images may be submitted in any size and resolution (if you prefer, encrypted).
d. Adresses and email-adresses are neither published or used for advertising nor sold, let to third parties or otherwise commercialized. More informations about our privacy policy you may find under Privacy Notice.
e. Unsolicited contributions are not (yet) payed for. If a system of payment will be introduced, contributions that have already been accepted will have the advantage of priority. Otherwise as a compensation by AVITOPIA the conveyance of license requests of third parties is free of commission; however, such a conveyance cannot be guaranteed.
f. Images that were not accepted by AVITOPIA will be deleted here.

4. If you want to report an error, suggest an improvement or make a comment, please send an email.

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