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Checklist of the Birds of the Russian Arctic National Park (PDF)

Checklist E-Book in PDF format with Checkboxes

This e-book shows as an example of a checklist the one of the Russian Arctic National Park. The checklist features checkboxes that are clickable (at least in Acrobat Reader). The current status can be saved anytime, so that it is possible to keep a personalized checklist over a longer period of time.
The National Park contains the northern tip of Novaja Semlja since 2009 and the Franz Josef Land archipelago since 2016.
The scientific system is used according to Clements et al. 2017.
The output format was chosen to be PDF (A5). Also the paper format is A5.

Primary language English, Secondary language German,
PDF output in compact format (A5). Our default format, suitable for most of the devices. 14 pages, 0.9245 MiB.

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