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Families of Birds of Planet Earth (PDF)

Black and white E-Book with 2 x A5 pages for A4 paper

This compilation of all 249 bird families of the world has been created based on the entries "portrait" and "only drawings (B/W)".
Scientific system: Clements et al. 2017
The output format has been selected to place 2 pages in A5 format next to each other on A4 format. Thus it is perfectly suited for display on large screens. In addition, it saves print paper, which is an advantage, if you have to pay for printout - e.g. in an internet cafe - on a page base.

Primary language English, secondary languages German, French, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese,
249 Portraits,
This format (PDF 2x A5 for A4 paper) shows 2 pages on one screen. Printed out it saves paper. 97 pages, 4.989 MiB.

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