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World first!

Our avifauna web service is an innovative marketing instrument for nature tourism and education.
AVITOPIA generates an ad-free customized web site for a georeference of your choice and includes a back link to a website of your choice - e.g. your own homepage.
Thus search engines recognize a content relation between the local bird life and this particular web site as well as an enhancement of its general ranking at search engines.
By inserting the forward link to the avifauna web site into your web site, you provide your customers with a unique service and at the same time increase the attractivity of your house, as your visitors can experience the bird life in 5 languages with their own eyes by way of a richly illustrated interactive bird guide.
The bird guide has acces to our data base and image archive and therefore benefits from subsequent extensions and improvements.
The customized avifauna service webpage is optimized for PC, tablet, and smartphone as well es for search engines.

Subscription of a dynamic avifauna web site including back link for 12 month.
A PDF-file for download will contain your individualized access data as forward link that you can insert into your webpage as simple link or using a frame. Thus it is your decision whether to keep it as a separate webpage or to integrate it into your page.

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Avifauna near a special location

Avifauna near a special location

Registration or renewal of the avifanua service for a single location in 5 languages with expiration time of 12 months. The price depends on the...
Avifauna in a special region

Avifauna in a special region

Registration or renewal of the avifauna service subscription for a whole region in 5 languages with expriration time of 12 months. The price depends...

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