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Families of Birds of Planet Earth

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Colored portraits are memorized well.

Cover image Royal Flycatcher, Drawing: W.J.Swainson.

Portraits of all 249 bird families (Date 28.08.2021).
Scientific system after Clements et al. 2017.
A free online-preview to main section of the e-book - of course at today's state of the data base and the archive - is available at Bird guides customized.

Primary language English, secondary languages German, French, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese.
All 249 species are illustrated. The assessment of the global conservation status of bird species uses the criteria of the Red List (IUCN) 2012.
An index, a name register in English and a scientific name register, all completely linked.
PDF E-book in page-based format A5: 77 pages, 7.561 MiB.
ePub E-book in flowable format for all devices with ePub reader: 6.712 MiB.
© Wolfgang J. Daunicht 2021

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