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Checkliste der Vögel auf Planet Erde

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The elektronic lifelist.

Cover image Barn Owl, Photo: W.J.Daunicht.

A checklist of the complete bird life of the earth is available as e-book. In PDF, all - more than 10 000 - bird species are endowed with a digital checkbox that is clickable (at least in Acrobat Reader). The results can be saved in order to to keep a personal list of all bird species observed globally (lifelist).
Scientific system after Clements et al. 2017.
A free online-preview to main section of the e-book - of course at today's state of the data base - is available at Bird guides customized.

Primary language German, secondary languages English, French, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese.
An index, name registers in all selected languages and a scientific name register, all completely linked.
PDF E-book in page-based format A5: 395 pages, 19.61 MiB.
ePub E-book in flowable format for all devices with ePub reader: 0.855 MiB.

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